How do I write a good article?

High School Essay Format: Writing Tips

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As long as you are a student, writing an academic paper is part of a learning process. You are supposed to score good for being a exemplary learner. After every exam, your teacher will assess how well you have grasped the concepts taught. Every assignment contributes to the final grade; thus, it is essential to learn the best ways of scoring. Some of the most common and relevant subjects in schools are mathematics, sciences, and humanities.

So, what are the standard sections to includes in a H2:


This section introduces the context of the topic. It is a guide for the readers to understand more about the subject and why it is important. There is also a likelihood to remember paper writing service. A thesis statement will come in at the end of the introductory paragraph. The hypothesis says otherwise, and it is where the professor will ask follow up questions.

literature review

The second step in a new page of an article is the revision. Here, a writer looks into studies from other sources to investigate and make notes. He or she can conclude the analysis and relate it to the aim of the paper. Example:

  • Paper Wolfram
  • Empirical
  • Critical Analysis of Philosophy
  • Methodology
  • Results and Exploratory Tricks

Before submitting the work, ensure that it is free from grammatical errors and contains factual information.

powerful conclusion

It's the last segment of an opening sentence. Its main objective is to remind the reader of the point of discussion. One has to finish powerfully to get the attention of an audience. Note that many changes in a college education cover over the years, and the result may not be the same. Thus, a fitting closing remark should be made after the data has been collected.

What to Include

In the body, the strongest argument is usually placed on the first line of the introductory passage. its strength is measured when the correct structure is followed. Introductions tend to be easy to read, follow a logical order, and are often informative. This is because a human mind is wired to discover facts and answers. If an author makes several mistakes while creating a strong intro, the probability of getting the person reading his/her a complex and confusing thought is very low.

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